Types of Duct Installation: Home and Commercial

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    Commercial buildings and automotives are only two of the major things that require air duct vents.

    Air duct vents are there to regulate the air circulation within a certain area (may it be a car or a building) and let the air to get back into the air conditioning system to be converted into either cool or warm air.

    These vents also filter out the dust particles that are interlaced with the air that comes in the AC systems.

    It is essential that air ducts be installed properly in order to efficiently let the air flow in and out of the ventilation systems of these AC systems.

    To do that, knowing the different types of duct installation: home and commercial (or ductwork) is one of the many things a person must know when maintaining their air duct vents.

    Types of Duct Installation

    This article will be discussing the three different types of duct installation: home and commercial.

    These comprise semi-rigid ductwork, rigid ductwork, and flexible ductwork and will be stated below.

    Semi-rigid Ductwork

    This kind of duct installation is known to be the supreme form of ventilation systems anywhere (and part of the most widely available ones).

    Semi-rigid ductworks with the most excellent of qualities provide no leakage in its ventilation system, functioning at peak performance.

    However, a downside to this kind of air ductwork is that the crushability level is quite high.

    Fortunately, sem-rigid ductworks give out installer versatility.

    This is done with the oval and round ducting being switched around.

    The hydraulic pressure, at this juncture, does not lose any pressure.

    Moreover, this kind of ductwork provides linings that are both anti-static and anti-bacterial.

    Rigid Ductwork

    This kind of duct installation holds a vast array of sizes and shapes, ranging from cylinder or rectangle forms of ventilation systems, and materials.

    There is also insulation within this kind of ductwork, for most of the time.

    This is widely used by people because of its durability, reliability, and efficiency.

    This kind of ductwork has a total of three common types, which will be enumerated and elaborated below.

    Fiberboard ducts

    This kind of rigid ductwork is made of strands of fiberglass in which these strands are compacted and glued together by resin.

    These are then covered by a foil sheet that is laminated in order to be protected by moisture.

    This is great for heating and cooling systems because of the insulation that it provides.

    Unfortunately, it is not advised to utilize this kind of rigid ductwork when trying to invest in an efficient ventilation system.

    Fiberglass-lined ducts

    This kind of rigid ductwork is also considered to be just like sheet metal ducts, as mentioned below.

    However, the difference between the two is that fiberglass-lined ducts utilize internal fiberglass lining.

    More frequently used in commercial and office buildings, this kind of rigid ductwork aids in the dampening of the sound of the air conditioning unit.

    Even so, regular maintenance is needed for this because it is more prone to deterioration.

    Additionally, because of the fiberglass particles that this kind of rigid ductwork has, this ductwork lets those out and it creates an environment wherein health issues or concerns may arise (particularly when exposed to this kind of environment long-term).

    Sheet metal ducts

    This kind of rigid ductwork is seen a lot in action films, wherein characters from the movies are seen wriggling through air vents in the top part of commercial buildings.

    Materials that are most commonly used for this kind of rigid ductwork are aluminum and galvanized steel.

    Flexible Ductwork

    This kind of duct installation is normally shaped like a tube and is mainly composed of one wire coil that is protected by a more durable plastic (but still bendable) and is insulated.

    As made evident by its name, this kind of duct installation is advised to be used in tight and complicated spaces wherein either rigid or semi-rigid duct installation systems are quite hard to situate in.

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