Ways To Expect During Duct And Dryer Vent Cleaning

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    Even with the promise that is etched on the name of a dryer, it may not always dry the clothes perfectly every single time.

    Hence, if you ever find that the dam clothes are still damp even after going through a full cycle, it may be time to clean the dryer’s vent ducts as soon as possible.

    Diving into the process of cleaning the ducts is not simply essential for the clothes as well as the time to do the laundry, and of course, your peace of mind.

    In fact, after a long period of time, lint can easily form in the ducts as well as mix with hot air, which can eventually ignite, therefore creating fire.

    Each year, the dryer duct fires almost result in damages of about $35 million, coupled with a hundred injuries as well as deaths.

    If you have ever noticed a burning stench that is coming out of the laundry room, this is a sign that you should have your air ducts cleaned as soon as possible.

    According to experts, it is recommended that you clean out the dryer ducts at least twice a year.

    Here are some of the ways to expect during duct and dryer vent cleaning.

    Look for the vent.

    Before you can actually start to clean the dryer vent, you will first need to figure out where it is located first.

    Dryers are oftentimes linked to a short 4-inch diameter pipe that is then also linked to the ductwork that is positioned inside a wall.

    Hot air from the dryer is then pushed inside the pipe, which then escapes by the vent outside the wall of the house.

    After you have determined the exhaust vent of the outdoor dryer, take a look inside and see if you can spot any debris or dust, even lint or any dead bugs.

    You should clean the screens as well as remove any obstructions.

    Disconnect the dryer.

    For the next step, you should be able to unplug the dryer.

    Do this after you have figured out how the ducts operate.

    After that has been done, simply remove the metal tape as well as clamps that are attached to the dryer, which connects the vent pipe to the exhaust.

    Make sure that you are able to apply a small pressure whenever you pull the vent pipe from the duct on the wall, so you do not break the pipe.

    Remove the lint.

    The next step is to remove or vacuum the lint.

    You should already have a clear loom in the dryer vent from your laundry room.

    Make use of the hose attachment of the vacuum cleaner or the shop vac in order to suck up the lint that is located around the hole.

    If you have a handheld vacuum, you have to repeat this step on the outer duct.

    If not, you can attempt to clear the debris on your own from the outside by means of manual cleaning.

    Use a brush.

    Connect the brush for the dryer from the vent cleaning kit towards the power drill, and then slide the brush rear of the rod inside the duct.

    Push the brush as far as possible.

    Remember that you may have to carefully move the hose attachment, which depends on the route that the duct takes.

    If you are not able to thread the brush through the whole of the duct, or if the brush is not long enough, you can try inserting the brush’s head from outside of the duct.

    Clean and reconnect the dryer.

    After doing the steps above, it is best to assume that the lint has already been unearthed and removed.

    You will want to make use of a vacuum cleaner or an alternative broom as well as a dustpan in order to sweep the dirt away.

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