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    Commercial Range Hood Cleaning in Miami

    Commercial range hoods are the center of any commercial kitchen’s ventilation system, it helps control the airflow by getting rid of smoke, steam, grease vapor and heat out of the kitchen area.

    More commonly found and used in restaurants and/or bars, if kitchens are not properly ventilated, it may collect heat and humidity that can cause bacteria and molds that can be harmful to grow in these kitchens.

    Hoods (ventilation systems) are required as a basic necessity in a commercial kitchen setting.

    It provides a healthier working environment for restaurant employees, removes heat, steam, odors, smoke and grease; it also helps keep the staff safe and protects them from fire incidents that could happen in an often busy and crowded kitchen.

    Keeping Your Commercial Range Hood Clean

    Keeping the commercial range hood clean and making sure it is properly maintained is one of the many important things that an establishment such as a restaurant can do to manage and reduce fire risks in their commercial kitchen.

    Since commercial kitchens operate with heavy duty cooking equipment all day, the commercial range hood helps to maintain the quality of air inside the kitchen and also avoid the spread of any airborne contaminants.

    With this, it is also important for the restaurant and/or bar owners or managers to be conscious with constantly checking on their commercial range hood and have it cleaned at least every six months.

    When To Clean Commercial Range Hood

    Because it is being used every day, it is advisable to have your commercial kitchen range hood inspected every 90 days but for some, it can be for as long every six months.

    This inspection is to be done by a professional and expert in hood and duct cleaning, if the inspector declares that there is a need for cleaning, then it must be cleaned and done by said professional.

    Cleaning a commercial range hood simply cannot be done by someone who is not certified as this may cause more damage than avoid it.

    Benefits of Having Your Commercial Range Hood Cleaned

    As much as it is required to have it cleaned, there are certainly many benefits to constantly having your commercial range hood check and cleaned, some of it are as follows:

    To increase productivity. In order for a work environment to be more efficient and productive, it is important that the place is kept neat and clean especially that the kitchen setting handles food and food services and a clean kitchen is definitely an asset to a restaurant or bar.

    Prevent fire hazards. The restaurant kitchen is very much prone to fire incidents and although sometimes it may not be from the vents, taking precautionary measures in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems will help keep the place more safe from such incidents.

    Choose Vent Pro Air Duct Cleaning

    In Vent Pro Air Duct Cleaning, we specialize in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and their maintenance.

    We have professionals who are trained in these fields and have excellent customer service.

    Restaurant or bar setting particularly, we believe that it is essential for these kinds of establishments to be clean all the time as their main services involve food.

    Aside from making sure your range hoods are cleaned thoroughly, we also prioritize the health of our customers which is why we are also mindful of the products that we use.

    Our Service

    With our service, we can assure you that we only use top grade tools and equipment along with the service of our trained technicians.

    We also only use high quality products and filter our cleaning solutions to not be harmful to any kitchen equipment or staff working in the kitchen.

    We have been commended by our past clients for our equipment, our well-trained technicians, their patience, honesty and excellent client service.

    Contact Vent Pro Air Duct Cleaning

    Commercial range hood cleaning is only one of the many services that we offer.

    We also offer dryer vent duct and A/C cleaning.

    If you or anyone you know are looking to avail these sorts of services in Miami, you can call us or reach out to us in our other platforms.

    Contact us NOW!

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