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    Looking For AC Coil Cleaning Services?

    It’s essential to maintain your air conditioning regularly based on industry standards for its optimum performance.

    The coil collects dirt and gunk, which get in the way of the A/C’s airflow and it could cause damage on the machine.

    You can do preventive maintenance on your own, especially if you’re a handyman.

    However, there are systems or problems that would require a trained technician.

    Why You Should Call a Professional Duct Work Cleaner

    Learning how to clean your air conditioning can be done with the available resources on the internet.

    But there are things you should consider before doing the task, such as having a full commitment to it.

    Otherwise you might encounter or cause trouble that may only lead to unnecessary repairs.

    A trained technician has the means to diagnose your A/C, possesses the skills to clean it thoroughly, and comes with the appropriate tools.

    In addition, an A/C coil can be tricky to clean and maintain.

    One common problem with an A/C is a dirty filter and another one is low airflow.

    There are different reasons why the latter happens like having ice on the coil.

    If you don’t have the patience to check out the source of the issue and go through the manufacturer’s manual, an experienced technician can help you.

    They’re trained to diagnose a system’s problems and troubleshoot them.

    In search of a Duct Cleaning Company

    Check for insurance. When choosing a company that will handle your A/C’s maintenance, the first thing you’d like to think of is if it’s insured and bonded for your protection as well as that of the technician.

    • Check for certification. Its service providers should also be certified to use the cleaning equipment and they must be fully trained.
    • Check for materials used and specialization. You should know too what cleaning materials they’re using. It would be best if the company specializes in air duct cleaning.
    • Most companies in the HVAC field offer this service, but if you want the best results, go for the vent cleaning pros. They have the procedures down pat.
    • Check for transparency. Select a company that’s transparent with their process and additional services as well to avoid surprise fees. It should also be able to give you free estimates.
    • Check for testimonials and feedback. You can check the websites and social media pages of the companies on your short list.

    Read their clients’ testimonials and feedback to get a feel of how they work and see what you can expect.

    Stellar reviews are a great sign that you’ll be in good hands. It’s important that the company has a good track record to ensure your safety.

    Choose Vent Pro Air Duct Cleaning

    High customer ratings

    The positive feedback we receive at Vent Pro Air Duct Cleaning is a testament to our commitment to provide excellent services.

    Award-winning customer service

    We’re voted for the fourth year in a row by our customers as the number one air duct cleaning company in 2021 at Locals Love Us Quad Cities. Our clients commend us for our technicians’ professionalism, honesty, and customer service.

    State of the art equipment

    We use equipment that’s state of the art, such as tools that remove the debris from your A/C system without causing damage to the air ducts.

    Child friendly and Pet friendly

    Also, we use an A/C coil cleaning solution that’s friendly to pets and children.

    It’s a part of our mission to give exceptional services that show genuine care for the health of our customers because we want to establish a strong relationship with them.

    Skilled specialist technicians

    Our services are focused on vent cleaning, thus our procedures and the skill set of our technicians are specialized.

    Our Services

    We offer to clean commercial and residential air conditioners, air ducts, dryer vents, and furnaces.

    Customers can request us to record and email them the before and after images of their vents.

    Our vent camera captures footage vividly and we have a long camera cable that can scope through long vents.

    Contact us Now and Get FREE Estimates

    If you’re looking for an air duct cleaning in Miami, give Vent Pro Air Duct Cleaning a call.

    We’ll provide you with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) upon request.

    A/C coil cleaning is only one of the steps in our air duct services.

    And we can assure you that we use HEPA-filtered vacuums and a safe sanitizing solution to clean the coils.

    Reach out to us NOW and get estimates for FREE.

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