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    Dryer Vent Cleaning

    Looking For a Dryer Vent Cleaning Company Near You?

    The dryer vent on your clothes dryer is one of the most important parts of your home’s clothes dryer.

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    Without dryer vents, your dryers cannot do their one true function: to dry your clothes well.

    In most United States homes, their laundry dryers come with vents.

    As such, proper maintenance of it is much needed to prolong its useful life.

    How your Dryer Works

    Your dryer works by tumbling clothes while exposed in heated air inside a rotating drum.

    Its vent then picks up the moisture that evaporates from the clothes and expels it out of the appliance.

    Dryer vents also have the important task of keeping your home dryers from being a fire hazard.

    The Different Types of Dryer Ducts

    In your dryers at home, you may find tubes connected to them. These ducts are important when it comes to dryer venting.

    There are several types of dryer vent tubes for different kinds of cloth dryers in the market. The major types of dryer tubes are as follows:

    • Aluminum Foil Ducts. The most common dryer tube available. Its metallic material makes it inflammable.
      Identified as a “transition duct”, thus not usable inside wall assemblies.
    • Semi-Rigid Metal Ducts. Resembles the previous duct type in appearance and is also a transition duct.
      Its difference with aluminum foil tubes is its rigidness. Less likely crushed than the previous tube.
    • Slim Duct or Periscope Dryer Vent. This dryer vent type, made out of rigid metal, allows you to place your home dryers close to your walls.
      Also classified as a transition duct. Its smooth interior allows air and lint to flow freer out the vent.
    • Rigid Metal Duct. The only type not classified as a transition duct. As such, it is possible to assemble it within your home’s wall.
      Like the previous duct type, its smooth interior makes lint and air move through the tube.
    • Vinyl Ducts. Labeled a fire hazard. Its use is not suggested, and in some cases, disallowed by local safety codes.

    Issues to Fix

    Like any other appliances, your dryer is also susceptible to several technical issues.

    Much of them relate to your unclean dryer ducts and could lead to bigger problems like a fire hazard.

    Here are some common problems on your dryer vents that you should avoid:

    • Dryer Vent Clogging. An unhealthy buildup of lint and dirt in your dryer vent could cause several problems to your dryer. Other causes of vent clogging are birds nests or rodents living inside your laundry vent.
      A clogged exhaust can become a fire hazard if it blocks the exit of the heated air that your dryer expels. Regular cleanups are necessary for you to control the possibility of such problems.
    • Crushed Transition Ducts. It is very important to mind the distance of your dryer’s back to your wall to keep your tubing from crushing.
      Do yourself a favor and get it replaced if your dryer’s air ducts get compressed.
    • Bad or Incorrect Vent Installation. To avoid poor cloth drying functions, check if your dryer’s vent installation is good.
      Call for an HVAC professional’s service for reworks on poor vent installation if needed.

    For professional services on dryer vent cleaning, give Vent Pro Cleaning a call NOW!

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    As the voted #1 Air Duct Cleaning Company according to the Locals Love Us survey, we serve to meet your HVAC needs.

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    And for laundry vent-related issues and problems, we offer a variety of services for you.

    As part of our laundry vent services for your homes, we offer:

    • Free Inspection of Laundry Dryer Vent
    • Dryer Tube Replacement
    • Dryer Vent Installation
    • Poor Dryer Vent Installation Rework
    • Dryer Vent Exhaust De-clogging and Cleaning

    Vent Pro Cleaning Services is not limited to dryer vent cleaning services.

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